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  • in 2015 New growth inperation
  • 2015.03Expansion and operation of the 2nd production line (electric vehicle parts)
    2015.09Prime Minister Award for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises technology innovation
    2015.09Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award for Local industry promotion
    2016.07Selected as a "Global Excellent Company" for the Jeollabuk-do Enterprise Promotion Project
    2017.05Selected as a Jeollabuk-do glocal company
    2018.07Established joint venture with Dongfeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • 2010 Changes and rebound
  • 2010.01 Inauguration of Seo Joong-ho, Seo Joon-kyoo, CEO (Taken over by Ajin Group)
    2012.07 Selected as one of the 500 largest companies that want to be employees
    2012.10 Selected as an excellent company for productivity improvement in 2012
    2013.11 Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Awards for Promoting regional investment and promoting regional industry
  • 2000 Open a vision
  • 2000.12 Changed company name to Partsnic
    2002.01 Designated as an internationally accredited correctional institution (kolas / iac-mra)
    2006.03 Changed company name to Daewoo Electronic Components Co., Ltd.
    2008.01 First production of electronic components
    2008.03 Established Suzhou Corporation (A&T) in China
  • 1990 Go to the world
  • 1993.06 Jang Young-sil Award for Tantalum solid electrolytic capacitor IRS2
    1993.06 Acquired ISO-9002 quality certification (all business sites, all items)
    1993.07 Started production of electronic components
    1994.10 Established a corporation in Vietnam
    1996.03 Designated as an educational institution for precision measurement technology
  • 1980 Start of Leap
  • 1983.09 Changed company name to Daewoo Electronic Components Co., Ltd.
    1985.11 Started production of tantalum capacitors for the first time in Korea
    1989.07 Stock listing (Securities market, 1st stock exchange)
  • 1973 Begin the history
  • 1973.10 Established Daehan Marukon Electronics Co., Ltd.