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  • CEO Greetings
    Thank you for visiting the Daewoo Electroinc Components Co., Ltd. website.

    Since its founding in 1973, Daewoo Electronic Components Co., Ltd. has kept to do our best to become a leader of automobile components at change and development, through management innovation and technology development.

    To meet the needs of customers in the automobile industry, which are eco-friendly and pursue high-efficiency fuel through countinous improvement, Daewoo Electronic Components focuses on developing eco-friendly and high-efficiency products to lead eco-friendly automotive components with high future value.

    By Emphasizing human and environment, impressing customers with the best quality and fulfilling corporate social responsibility, Daewoo Electronic Components will be a global company hoping that you would be interested in us.

    I always would like to express my gratefulness sincerely to all for help and encouragement.

    Best Regards.
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