대우전자부품 구성원 모두의행복을 추구합니다.

Life stability support

4 major insurance National pension, health insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance

Personal event holidays Various congratulatory holidays, congratulations and consolation payments

Holiday gifts 20 kinds of fruits, mackerel, daily necessities, etc. (Traditional holidays)

Child school expenses support Junior high school, high school, university entrance celebration support

Corporate Life Support

Dormitory provided Apartment dormitory provided

In-house restaurant operation Operated by external experts, providing lunch/dinner

Uniform provided Uniform provided (4 seaons uniform)

Commuting support Commuter bus service in the headquarters office

Encouraging and uniting activities

• Long-term service awardAwards and gifts for domestic and overseas travel holidays

• Various reward systemsPerformance pay, in-house proposal system, excellent employee reward system, etc.

• Overseas studyOverseas industry inspection, exhibition visit, technical training, etc.

• Labor-Management partyAll employee athletic meet and hiking

• VolunteerMonthly community service activities