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Management policy

Securing global competitiveness through drastic R&D investment and continuous improvement activities with customer satisfaction
  as the top priority
1. Continuous innovation of the 'development / production / delivery / A/S' process with customer satisfaction as
    the top priority
2. Securing industry-leading technological competitiveness through drastic R & D investment 3. Maintain cost competitiveness through on-site continuous improvement activities 4. Train experts with professional knowledge and passion for improvement through continuous education activities

Quality policy

• Providing the best quality and best service to customers through continuous improvement activities based on accumulated
• Achieving Zero Defact, strengthening the quality of new models ahead, establishing 6M standardization, improving Qualitivity,
     realizing global quality
• Maximize customer satisfaction through zero defects

Enviroment Policy

1. Establish an environmental management system that complies with international and domestic environmental
    regulations and customer requirements
2. Promote recycling of resources through efficient energy use and practice of separate waste collection 3. Establish an eco-friendly / no-hazardous workplace through systematic employee education and training 4. Promote continuous reduction of the use of hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process by developing
    eco-friendly products.