Production information
Production information

Production capacity

Die Bonding

• Process contentThe process of attaching a semiconductor chip to a substrate or die pad using epoxy or solder as a semiconductor component assembly technology

Main features Production capacity
Die bonder Epoxy die bonder UPH : 600EA/Hr
(UPH : Unit per Hour, production quantity per hour)
Solder bonding method : How to connect with lead and tin-based solder Resin adhesion method : How to use an adhesive such as an epoxy-based resin containing silver or a polyimide-based resin containing silver

Wire Bonding

• Process contentThe process of connecting a semiconductor chip and a lead electrode with very fine high purity gold or aluminum, copper, etc.

Main features Production capacity
·ALC(Active Loop Control) bond head provides Front and Rear type
· High resolution encoder measures wire strain with precision(0.5㎛)
· High resolution encoder measures wire strain with precision(0.5㎛)
UPH : 720EA/Hr

Ceramic Substrate Print

• Process contentProcess to make a single electrical circuit board by repeatedly printing and drying and baking various paste materials such as resistors, conductors, and protective films on ceramic substrates

Main features Production capacity
·Semi auto process for high temperature firing at 500 and 850 degrees
· Print resistance with thickness less than 20㎛
· Realization of high integrated circuit through the use of AL(alumina) substrate with excellent heat dissipation properties
UPH : 2,000EA/Hr

Laser Passive Triming

• Process contentProcess for laser-correcting the resistance of the printed ceramic substrate

Main features Production capacity
The desired resistance value is automatically corrected using an automatic laser, and an automatic inspection function for the corrected value is possible. UPH : 2,000EA/Hr

Auto Assembly Line

• Process contentArray A process that automatically performs a series of assembly processes such as Dividing / Seating / Coating silicon in an array state / Laser welding / Equipment assembly / Screw fastening / Hardening / Test

Main features Production capacity
Auto Assembly Line - Building on the basis of Laser Welding Assembly method and 100% automatic
assembly line through pellet transportation and logistics automation.
UPH : 250EA/Hr

SMT(Surface Mounter Technology)

• Process contentProcess of mounting and soldering surface-mounted components on the surface of an electronic circuit board

Main features Production capacity
·Build traceability system through lot marking of all products
·Screen printer with humidity control function
·100% solder printing inspection by applying 3D SPI IN-LINE
·Reel Swap Error Protect System applied
·Securing soldering quality by applying nitrogen reflow
·3D AOI IN-LINE application and secured lifting power of parts
·On-site cleanliness management by building air-shower room
·CHIP only : 80,000CPH
·Variant only : 30,000CPH
(CPH : Chip per Hour)

Terminal Pin Insert Process

• Process contentProcess of automatically inserting terminal pin into PCB hole

Main features Production capacity
· Vision : Automatic optical position control
· 3 head change applicable
· Custom tooling production available
·Quick model change by applying tool change kit
UPH : 400EA/Hr (8-pin criterion)

Conformal Coating Process

• Process contentThe process of coating a coating film to prevent insulation, damage and corrosion of components mounted on the substrate

Main features Production capacity
· Can be changed to spray nozzle dispenser
· Spray, film and dot application methods are all applicable
UPH : 360EA/Hr

Function Test

• Process contentThe process of making good and bad judgment by measuring performance to increase the reliability of the product

Main features Production capacity
·Function Test : 100% Total inspection(Inspect only products with good performance in the previous process)
·Test method : 100% Automatic inspection
·Test temperature : Hot & Room Test (High temperature unapplied products : Aging test in progress)
·Test Data : 100% auto savebr/> ·Defect isolation : Blocking of mixing through automatic defect isolation
UPH : 200EA/Hr(More than 5,000k/year)

In Circuit Test

• Process contentAfter completing the SMT process, the process of inspecting the electrical characteristics such as the open/short state of the board circuit

Main features Production capacity
·In Circuit Test : 100% Total inspection(Only products with good quality in the previous process are inspected)
·Test method : 100% Automatic inspection
·TTest Data : 100% Auto save
·Defect isolation : Blocking of mixing through automatic defect isolation
UPH : 200EA/Hr(More than 8,000k/year)