R & D
Research and development

R&D Division Introduction

연구소 조직
  • Research & Development Manpower
  • Central Research Center (Group) : 200 people / Automotive Electrical Products Development Manpower : 30 people / Process Development : 25 people
Design Team Automotive Electrical Optimization Circuit Design
The ability to design electric circuits accumulated over a long period of time has already been recognized by customers, based on filter analysis and PCB design ability considering electromagnetic compatibility, we are developing reliable products that can satisfy customer requirements.

Automotive Electrical Optimization Mechanical Design
Based on the design of the electrical parts optimizer for the location of installation and durability, we are developing a range of electrical parts through thermal analysis and structural analysis.
EV Team Development of future eco-friendly automotive core parts
For the purpose of developing professional parts for future eco-friendly vehicles such as PHEV, PSEV, FCEV, etc., we are developing components such as On Board Charger(OBC), Positive Temperature Coefficient Heater(PTC Heater), and water heating induction heater.
Software Team R&D process for electronic parts
As the application ofelectronic parts to automobiles expands, we are developing complete program by setting functional safety processes(MISRA-C, Code Sonar) and setting safety goals through HARA.